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Thermal Lance

Thermal Lance

When we get the call for a dismantling job we like to get the job done right. After the dismantling of The Veterans Bridge in South Portland, ME we were left with 10-foot high beams that were 3-5 riveted plates thick. Our task from there is to cut the steel into small blocks so we can ship them off to the mills at the right specs. With steel beams this heavy, there is no way we could complete the task with sheers or the torches we had on site.

The next option was to bring in an Oxy Lancing system that would allow us to cut through the think chunks of steel with ease. Ten foot Magnesium Burning Bars have high pressure oxygen piped into them to create the ideal conditions to create an incredibly hot flame. When ignited the Burning Bar is basically turned into a giant sparkler that gets smaller as it burns through its fuel. On a good run an average bar will last just over four minutes. This combination of intense heat, high pressure oxygen, and magnesium turns anything into molten lava.

Operators have to be outfitted with aluminized Kevlar suits with AR respirator masks with a steady oxygen flow. With this new system in place Clarks Scrap Metals will be ready for any jobs that comes our way!